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We're Building A Platform To

 Destigmatise Larger Bodies In Motion


A Celebration Of Our Bodies And All Their Wobbly Bits

Welcome to the Curve Catwalk; the UK’s first dance class specifically dedicated to plus-size women; where the beat is louder than people's opinions.

We want to revolutionise ideologies that dance is exclusive to one body type, advocating for physical activity being used to maintain positive mental health, not a punishment for your body.

Our aim is to create a safe space for body liberation and build a community that encourages people to have fun and show off their dance moves.

This is the ultimate place to jiggle your beauty.


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An Exhibition Of Radical

Self Love And Acceptance. 

We Don't Twerk,

We Jiggle!

Our Hashtag #JiggleYourBeauty is challenging beauty standards and confronting how the world views larger bodies. 


Setting aside the fixation of 'perfection', normalising the way in which our bodies move, experiencing the joy that comes with it and appreciating what our body can do, allows every single person to improve their self esteem and know their worth.


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Our Mission

In Motion

Our mission is to increase the visibility of plus size women, because representation matters.

Check out how we're doing so far.

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Meet Trina Nicole, The Woman Behind The Brand

"We live in a world that values looking good, over feeling good."

"The Curve Catwalk was born out of frustration.

I created a space I wish existed, a space where I felt safe and free from judgement. A haven, where I could dance freely without feeling like I had to shrink myself or micromanage my jiggly bits. 


It was a space I needed for myself and now it's so much bigger than me, It's so much bigger than just dancing; It is time to broaden the focus of body positivity to encompass more than just the physical body.

 Who cares whether you can dance? It’s not about perfection, It’s about purpose. I want women to feel like they can be unapologetic and confident to do anything, not just dance."



Warning! This video contains scenes of exhilaration that some viewers may find empowering

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“Thanks for giving me confidence to try things way out of my comfort zone! This space has impacted my life in more ways than one! I used to have zero confidence and always wanted to fade into the background. finally I don't feel that way anymore and that's all thanks to you! ”​ - Keely


Love Notes From Our Community

“The Curve Catwalk is my second home emotionally and physically. I have personally grown so much and it helped push me through my anxiety and depression. My relationships with myself and body has blossomed. YOU COME OUT FEELING ALIVE! JOY! LOVE! EXCITEMENT! SAFE!” - Kemi


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